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The Monthly  Development Blog
Here, we'll cover features implimented throughout the month. This includes both mechanics and theme based content!
  1. November
    - 2 Areas Added: Lost Division, and Industrial Field. - Graphical change to character sprites. - Graphical change to the user interface.
    The first two areas feature new enemies and allies, as well as the return of some characters from Version 0.5. You'll notice a slight graphical change with sprites, as they now move by motion rather than by key frames.
  2. January
    - Revised Bullet Skill System inside battle scenes. - Added New Playable Runners. - Updated User Interface.
    Players will experience a similar battle system to Version 0.5. Each runner has a set of skills, which unlock as you gain Ashe. Using Default Skills will not consume Ashe, and all Runners gain an equal amount of experience at the end of the battle.
  3. January
    - Modified Menu to simplify Party management. - Graphical changes to buttons and menu components.
    All playable Runners who are added to the party show up in your main menu. Graphical changes to menu components help with various resolutions.
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