Revel Notion
  1. ZegnaRun Version 0.5

    Check  out the  free version set in the events prior to ZegnaRun Version 1.0. ​Feedback is highly encouraged!


  2. Available Now
    on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon!

Project Gallery
Character sketches, pixel art, and other fun design works!
  1. Skill Library
    Gain Ashe and Runners to build your Skill Library.
  2. Revised Battle System
    Continue similar gameplay with improved mechanics.
  3. Welcome to Lunoctia
    New locations added to the world of ZegnaRun.
  4. Coastal Street
    First location of ZegnaRun Version 0.5
  5. New Menu Design
    Simplified yet refined user interface for next level gameplay.
  6. Nomad's Origin Story
    ZegnaRun Version 0.5 features events prior to the full game.
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